a photo essay: a very wittefini holiday

Most years, Tina, our dog Talulah and I pack up the car and head to North Carolina, my home state where my immediate family lives.

We stay with my mom, dad and sister and visit frequently with my brother, sister-in-law and their two kids.

On this trip, we left Chicago braving bitter zero degree temps and reached 40 degrees by the time we rolled into my parents’ driveway.

The trip is twelve hours, door to door, but the warmth and visits are worth the adventure.

Enjoy these photos from the first two days of our travels.

wittefini_christmas_2013-1 wittefini_christmas_2013-2 wittefini_christmas_2013-3 wittefini_christmas_2013-4 wittefini_christmas_2013-5 wittefini_christmas_2013-6 wittefini_christmas_2013-7 wittefini_christmas_2013-8 wittefini_christmas_2013-9

wittefini_christmas_2013-10 wittefini_christmas_2013-11 wittefini_christmas_2013-12 wittefini_christmas_2013-13 wittefini_christmas_2013-14 wittefini_christmas_2013-15 wittefini_christmas_2013-16 wittefini_christmas_2013-17 wittefini_christmas_2013-18 wittefini_christmas_2013-19 wittefini_christmas_2013-20 wittefini_christmas_2013-21 wittefini_christmas_2013-22 wittefini_christmas_2013-23 wittefini_christmas_2013-24 wittefini_christmas_2013-25 wittefini_christmas_2013-26 wittefini_christmas_2013-27 wittefini_christmas_2013-28 wittefini_christmas_2013-29 wittefini_christmas_2013-30

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